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  • INTI: Sun

    Inti, the King Sun, creator and protector God of the Inca people. Symbol of immortality, power and nobility. He inspires Ccusi to create powerful jewellery collections.

  • PAKATNAMÚ: Horoscope

    The name comes from the Mochica´s culture. With a close relationship with astrology, the Mochicas worshiped to certain natural elements that have become part of your horoscope.

  • RUMI: Stone

    According to the legend, Viracocha, Inca’s creator God, created men from a stone. The strength, the fortitude and the symbolic power of the stone is reflected in some of Ccusi’s most emblematic and modern collections.

  • SACH'A: Nature

    Symbolizes nature. Trees, flowers and animals, they are all Sach’a. Sach’a is harmony, beauty and freedom. Collections full of bright colors, rich materials and harmonious lines.

  • YAKU: Water

    Yaku, which means water in Quechua, is symbol of fertility and pureness. Water is considered the essence of life itself. Inspired on this element, Ccusi designs and creates colorful and mystic collections.

  • Energy Collection:...

    Stones are energy. They perform through their vibrations, shapes and colors. The power of Mother Natures lies inside. Discover the mystic world of crystals and semiprecious stones. Enhance your look with color and strength wearing our Minerals' Bracelets Energy Collection.

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