Natural Stone Bracelets


Welcome to our fascinating collection of Natural Stones and Minerals Earrings at CCUSI, where each piece is a work of art that captures the very essence of the Earth. Each of our pendants is meticulously designed to reveal the intrinsic beauty of natural stones and minerals, creating a unique expression of your personal style.

Our natural stone and mineral pendants transcend the simple notion of jewelry; they are symbols of the deep connection between nature and humanity. Each stone and mineral has been carefully selected for its therapeutic and spiritual properties, giving each pendant a meaning far beyond aesthetics. The Inca Collection transports you to the heart of Peruvian culture with silver pieces handcrafted by Cusco artisans using the cloisonné technique.

Our earrings let you take a piece of nature with you at all times. They’re more than just a touch of elegance; they’re constant reminders of the richness and beauty of our planet, and of your own connection to it.

The chakras, vital energy centers in the body, are at the heart of our philosophy. Each of our pendants has been designed to realign and reactivate your energy centers, helping you to achieve mental, emotional and physical harmony. They are a perfect fusion of artistic aesthetics and deep spiritual roots.

Explore the Fusion of Art and Nature

Discover our vast collection of Pendants in Natural Stones and Minerals, from creations in the Inca Collection in silver cloisonné with mother-of-pearl, chrysocolla and spondylus, to rolled stone pendants such as Tiger’s Eye, Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, and much more.

Each pendant you choose is a unique expression of your personality and intentions. Let these jewels become transcendent symbols, carrying within them the connection to the Earth and its energy, adding significant depth to your daily life.

Explore our collection of stone earrings and Natural Minerals with the certainty that each is an invitation to discover the beauty and meaning of natural art. Whether you’re looking for protective energy, a manifestation of love or a boost to your intuition, our selection offers a range of options to inspire and enrich your everyday experience.

Jewelry isn’t just an ornament, it’s a means of communication, an expression of identity and a deep connection with our environment. Let a pendant made of natural stones and minerals hang from your heart, allowing nature to become part of your own personal story.