Natural Stone Bracelets


Discover our magnificent collection of Natural Stone Rings on CCUSI, where the beauty and energy of nature combine to create unique and meaningful pieces.

The Inca Collection transports you to the heart of Peruvian culture with silver pieces handcrafted by Cusco artisans using the cloisonné technique.

Each jewel in this collection embodies the richness of Inca tradition, while offering a contemporary touch. Explore pieces adorned with carnelian, quartz, agate and much more.. Each ring is carefully designed to combine elegance with the therapeutic and spiritual properties of natural stones.

Whether you’re looking to boost your inner energy, find harmony or simply add a touch of natural beauty to your outfit, our natural stone rings are a perfect choice.

Rings and lithotherapy

Each natural stone ring is not just a fashion accessory, it’s also a lithotherapy tool that can positively influence your mental, emotional and spiritual state.

Lithotherapy is an ancient practice that uses the energetic properties of stones to restore balance and promote healing. By wearing one of our rings, you invite nature’s energy to accompany you at all times.

Whether you’re looking for a specific stone for a particular purpose or simply want to carry the Earth’s energy with you in a beautiful work of art, our natural stone and mineral rings will give you a tangible connection with nature.

Every time you look at your hand, you’ll remember that you’re wearing more than just a piece of jewelry, for you’ll be carrying the essence of the Earth and its millennia-old history with you.

Elegance and energy in every detail

At CCUSI, our collection of lithotherapy rings is more than just an expression of style. Each ring is an invitation to embrace the natural beauty and power of stones. Our natural stone and mineral rings are carefully selected for their exceptional aesthetics and unique energetic properties.

Each ring is a work of art, created with meticulous attention to detail to convey not only the intrinsic splendor of the stones, but also their profound meaning and beneficial energy. Whether you’re looking to boost your personal energy, balance your chakras or simply complement your style, our collection offers a variety of models to suit every need and desire.

Our natural stone rings are a harmonious fusion of elegant jewelry and the therapeutic benefits of lithotherapy. Each one tells a thousand-year-old story and embodies the sacred connection between man and nature. To wear our rings is to create a tangible link with the energies of the Earth, adding a new dimension of beauty and meaning to your life.

Explore our Collection of Natural Stone Rings

Our collection also includes the Inca Collection, which celebrates the spiritual heritage of the Incas. The natural stone rings in this collection are an ode to ancient wisdom and the deep connection between the Incas and nature. Each piece captures the very essence of balance and harmony, transporting their owners on a timeless journey.

Explore our selection of natural stone rings today and discover how you can merge the elegance of jewelry with the therapeutic benefits of minerals. Each ring is a statement of style and a celebration of the connection between man and nature. Enhance your look and nourish your well-being with Earth energy in every detail.