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Welcome to our collection of Natural Stone Jewelry and Natural Mineral Jewelry, on CCUSI, where the beauty of the Earth meets artistic expression.

Chacun de nos bijoux est soigneusement conçu pour mettre en valeur la singularité des Pierres Naturelles et des Minéraux Naturels, créant ainsi un lien spécial entre la nature et votre style personnel. CCUSI originates from the need to guide individuals to reconnect with their true nature by sharing the ancestral knowledge of the Inca worldview through our creations.

They are testimonies to the beauty of nature and humanity’s ability to shape it. The name of our brand, CCUSI, means “joy” in Quechua. According to the Inca worldview, our essence is “joy”; it is our fundamental nature. Joy was a gift bestowed by the god Inti (God of the Sun), which is why it was essential to maintain harmony with nature and the gods to preserve it.

The finest selection of natural minerals

Our Natural Stone Jewelry Go beyond aesthetics; they symbolize your connection to the Earth and the energy emanating from it. Each natural stone has been selected for its quality, color, and therapeutic properties, creating a range of aesthetic and spiritually meaningful jewelry. Our goal, through our jewelry, is to restore this harmony by reminding you that we are beings of “joy.” We believe in nature and its incredible healing power, which is why we create jewelry with high-quality natural stones and crystals. They help us connect to our inner selves and our mission, while being precious gifts from the earth.

Each of our jewelry pieces is crafted by our expert artisans with passion and dedication. Every detail carries meaning and power, from the selection of natural stones to the meticulous craftsmanship.

When you wear one of our Natural Stone or Mineral Jewelry pieces, you carry a part of the Earth and its ancestral energy, connecting your spirit to the depths of history and nature. It’s a perfect fusion of elegance and the authenticity of nature.

Stone Guide

Dive into our fascinating stone guide at CCUSI, where you’ll discover the unique properties, meanings, and energies of each stone, offering you a mystical and enlightening experience. Discover the unique properties of each gemstone and learn how to choose the ones that best suit your contemporary style and quest for deep meaning. Explore a world filled with mystery, modernity, and self-awareness through natural stones.

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Explore our categories

A wide range of products At Ccusi, we offer a broad range of lithotherapy products, including jewelry, gemstones, and amulets. All our products are carefully selected to offer you quality and authenticity.

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