Vitality and Motivation

Vitality and Motivation



Grounding, Re-centering, Assistance in case of exhaustion or overwhelm. These stones make up the bracelet: hematite, lava stone, and rutilated quartz.   Hematite serves as armor for the mind, body, and spirit. When used in astral travel practice, it protects the aura from danger and secures the soul in the physical world. It nourishes the body with cosmic light and brings awareness to areas of life that need love and attention.

Lava stone is one of the few physical elements representing fire in its purity. Like a volcano, it has the power to rekindle the inner fire and revive dormant emotions.

Rutilated quartz provides protection against psychic attacks. By strengthening the auric field with its prismatic shield, it transmutes any negative frequency into positive, peaceful vitality.